Very Bad Photos Ahoy

Brooke here: Before the guests showed up for the Sharktopus party, we painted — what?  Shut up.  Yes, Sharktopus.  Careful where you raise that eyebrow, mister.  I know you own a copy of The Prince of Tides — the kitchen.  These are going to be some subpar photos, and for that I apologize, but the […]

+1 Laundry Room

Brooke here: We’re deep in the post-move ennui, where the work yet to be completed still exists but our bodies make stern fist-shaking threats whenever our minds bring it up.  Fortunately, Elizabeth forges on without us.  Here, look at the laundry room she built: I don’t know if I have stressed the “Eli is awesome” […]

To The Basement!

Brooke here: I’m not sure if the basement has been mentioned yet.  It’s an interesting space… I believe the phrase du jour is that it has “a lot of character.”  The floor is gorgeous, with concrete stamped and painted to resemble massive Spanish tiles.  The rest of the room didn’t really match the floor, though.  […]

Redroom . . . redroom . . .

Brooke here: When we first bought the house, Brown and I looked at the budget and came to the (very easy) decision that we couldn’t afford to do all that we wanted to the house prior to moving in.   At the top of the list was repainting the master bedroom; in our old bedroom, we […]

The House, Redux

Brooke here: The Jarrell house is a combination of things we want to preserve at all costs and things we want to destroy while giggling maniacally.  There are hundreds of lovely details unique to the house and we keep discovering them; two days ago, Brown found a fountain under the ivy.  These features . . […]