The Many Mosses of Portland

Brooke here. I took a trip out to Portland for a couple of weeks to visit family.  The residential areas of Portland are filled with adorable Arts and Crafts-style bungalows painted up like rainbows, mainly, as my sister says, as the bright colors keep people from chewing through their wrists because it never stops raining. […]

We might prefer the flaming vampire babies

Brooke here: Mike Holmes has probably reached a point in his career where he can walk into a room infested with flaming baby vampires, casually evaluate the corollary property damage caused by the fire, and make the call to the Canadian contractor who specializes in flaming baby vampire removal, all without batting a muscular eyelid. […]

Not Dead! But weeding isn’t sexy.

Brooke here: It’s not.  Weeding isn’t sexy.  Sexy in the sensationalism way, I mean; who am I to judge if your fantasy world involves killing dandelions?  But it’s not fake-sexy, it’s really not fake-sexy, and neither is housecleaning or raking or leaf-blowing or any of the hundreds of maintenance tasks that you have to do […]

Fifteen will get you three hundred

Brooke here.  The title isn’t in bad taste as this post involves nothing but misshapen slabs of concrete. Brooke: Look what I found! Brown: … giant molars? Brooke: Concrete birdbaths!  They’re for the lawn! Brown: … so it can eat roughage? While prepping the area for the moss garden, I removed the red ceramic cover […]

Ivy, with a Smattering of Theft

Brooke here: The ivy removal continues, but slowly.  Things hit a snag yesterday when I went after an enormous tangle of ivy and wisteria on another section of the fence. I was making some decent progress until the fence started to wobble and I realized the ivy was structural.  The metal poles on the right […]

Found the Spigot!

Brooke here: More ivy removal progress shots. These shots are of a 3″ by 5″ alcove between the porch stairs and the chimney. I was able to get out most of the surface roots but some seem to go straight down, so I left those exposed.  When spring comes, I’ll cut down as far as […]

To the Planning Machine!

Brooke here: I have to keep reminding myself it’s January.  Sixty degrees and sunny, but still January.  There’s at least another month before frost season passes and we can do some serious landscaping, but we’ve started to price out the projects. The first is the section of the fence closest to the house.  Most of […]