Once, there were trees

Hey all, happy 2013. I know it’s been quiet around here. Lately, life has been very much all about the no.  But the good part about a new year is the ability to shake off the bad and move forward, so let’s do that. And it’s not as though the home renovations stopped along with […]

The Retaining Wall, I

Brooke here: Remember a few weeks ago when I picked through some stone scraps?  The stone was delivered today. The back yard has a hard slope.  We’ve been planning to put a retaining wall between the section where the garden stairs end and the Vestigial Lawn begins.  The retaining wall is not really a priority, […]

Oh that’s just nasty.

Brooke here.  I was weeding the Vestigial Lawn and found this: It is: (a) definitely a tooth; (b) definitely the size of a human tooth; and (c) definitely looks like a human tooth.  Whether or not it is actually from a human is beyond my knowledge of disgusting things I’ve found in my backyard.  It’s […]

Not Dead! But weeding isn’t sexy.

Brooke here: It’s not.  Weeding isn’t sexy.  Sexy in the sensationalism way, I mean; who am I to judge if your fantasy world involves killing dandelions?  But it’s not fake-sexy, it’s really not fake-sexy, and neither is housecleaning or raking or leaf-blowing or any of the hundreds of maintenance tasks that you have to do […]

Okay what the heck was breaking my wrists?

Brooke here: When ripping up the earth for the Vestigial Lawn, I kept finding scraps of some sort of tile.  Here are three of the largest pieces: These differ from brick, obviously, and my best guess is that someone disposed of a pile of … somethings.  I originally thought these might have come from an […]


Brooke here: Mid-July and August set records on heat and general Oh God, so we called time out on the yardwork.  I would have posted status updates but most of it would literally have been about watching grass grow, so let’s jump ahead to the end result.  Click on the pictures for a better comparison: […]

The Vestigial Lawn

Brooke here: There are the beginnings of a lawn.  Wait, no, that’s not important.  Let me rephrase… there is now an area where there is no ivy. At one point, the space between the house and the pool was a lawn.  It really couldn’t have been anything but, as the ivy doesn’t have a firm […]