Slightly Less Stinky

Brooke here: As this post deals mainly with physics, there are two things you should bear in mind.  The first is a previous post when I threw in an offhand comment about the waste water plumbing for the washing machine, and the second is that I have almost no sense of smell.   So while […]

+1 Laundry Room

Brooke here: We’re deep in the post-move ennui, where the work yet to be completed still exists but our bodies make stern fist-shaking threats whenever our minds bring it up.  Fortunately, Elizabeth forges on without us.  Here, look at the laundry room she built: I don’t know if I have stressed the “Eli is awesome” […]

We Are Home

Brooke here: August was interesting.  I didn’t want to mention this online (aka: daring strangers to find where you’re keeping the unattended stuff), but we haven’t been living in the Jarrell house.  See, we had this great idea.  We’d buy the Jarrell house and do the major repairs while still living at our old house […]