The Gates

Brooke here: We now have a This. It has been a terrible couple of weeks over here, with family and dog issues dominating most of our daily shenanigans.  We’ve been sneaking in some repairs whenever possible, and have finally hung the gates.  We need to add the latch, the hinge hardware still needs some (very […]

The Fence (II)

Brooke here: As of this time last week, the trash can contained: (1) one bag of garbage; (2) a dead possum which had drowned in the pool; and (3) the last of the orange construction barrier we’ve had up in place of a real fence.  Because we now have a This: This is a progress […]

The Retaining Wall, I

Brooke here: Remember a few weeks ago when I picked through some stone scraps?  The stone was delivered today. The back yard has a hard slope.  We’ve been planning to put a retaining wall between the section where the garden stairs end and the Vestigial Lawn begins.  The retaining wall is not really a priority, […]

The Fence, Part I

Brooke here. A few weeks ago, we received notification from the city that our Crazy Poet Disasterhouse had been reappraised at much more than we had paid for it.  I floated on a cloud for about three days, thinking our hard work had finally paid off (hey, I don’t know how the government does this […]

Crazy Lady Digs Through Trash

Brooke here.  You would not believe the month we’ve just had.  Argh. So, spring.  Somehow it just happened in spite of our hectic schedules, and we must either sprint to keep up or watch it pass us by again. Sprinting it is.  If you remember the most recent landscaping post from last November, Brown and […]

Snakes! (doing it)

Brooke here.  What with the bat and the black widow, at this rate I’m terrified to think of what the next animal-related post might be about: Not that I should complain, what with Louisiana and Mississippi being underwater, but we’ve had quite a lot of rain over the last few weeks.  It’s hindered most of […]

The Garden Stairs (2)

Brooke here.  In the previous post, I described the garden stairs with broad strokes of the brush.  Now let’s go over some of those fine fiddly bits which are so critical in those paintings of wide-eyed fluffy kittens. These images are all of the installation of the third frame, so at the time these pictures […]

The Garden Stairs

Brooke here.  This post has a lot of pictures but the garden stairs have been dominating the home projects since the trees came down, so that’s okay. Want to see what our garden stairs used to look like? Nope, those are the old stairs.  Want a closeup? Need to get closer?  We can do that, […]