Speaking of trees…

Jan 5, 2013… I am reminded of an old post from 2011 I wrote when the tree nearly fell on our house.  Almost as soon as I put it up, I remembered the Eleventh Commandment, where The Lord said THOU SHALT NOT DISPARAGE THY INSURANCE AGENT BEFORE THE CLAIM IS SETTLED.  So I hid it.  […]


Brooke here. Some landscaping projects have begun, but mainly in the areas we need to destroy before we can rebuild.  The first goal of the year is to replace the fence, but the more we look at it, the slope of the front lawn is such that the smrt smart idea is to do the […]


Brooke here: Now that most of the boxes are unpacked and it’s cool enough to work outside, we’ve thrown everything into basic landscaping.  The drainage project I mentioned in an earlier post was pushed back to allow for another few passes with the chainsaw, so the dirt will arrive sometime mid-week.  In the meantime, we’ve […]

Chainsawaganza (II)

Brooke here: I’ve heard it said that landscaping is two steps backward for every one step forward, but I’d bump that up to a decent-paced skip to be safe.  We have almost two acres of land, and these were allowed to go all but fallow for a couple of decades.  As we are dead-center on […]

Chainsawaganza! (I)

Brooke here: Work progresses accordingly, but not in any way that makes it appear as though we are actually doing anything at all.  I’ve been reluctant to post for fear that it seems we’re just lying about doing our due diligence as DIYers.  For example, we just finished the first round of Chainsawaganza.  The “before” […]