The Warning Signs were there

ETA: The blog is being rebooted as an incentive for my Patreon Supporters. All posts go live after a week, but Supporters at the $10+ tiers get early access. Thank you! Brooke here. This week’s post was supposed to be about the pollinator garden, but it’s nasty and overcast and I can’t get good photos. […]

The Many Mosses of Portland

Brooke here. I took a trip out to Portland for a couple of weeks to visit family.  The residential areas of Portland are filled with adorable Arts and Crafts-style bungalows painted up like rainbows, mainly, as my sister says, as the bright colors keep people from chewing through their wrists because it never stops raining. […]

Still unsure what the heck was breaking my wrists.

Brooke here: Remember this post about the Vestigial Lawn and the bits of pottery shrapnel I kept digging up?  We still have no clue what this stuff is. The all-knowing Internet has provided options but no answers, and comments and emails from blog readers have not given any clear resolution to what these odd bits […]

Dear Angie’s List

          To Whom it May Concern at Angie’s List:* Stop calling me.  Stop calling me.  Stop calling me. Listen, I appreciate how you’ve let me access your site for the past year, even though I only paid for six months.  That’s very classy and I will definitely renew my subscription when […]

No Accounting for Taste

Brooke here.  Guys, this post is all for you. For obvious and not-so-obvious reasons, Brown and I watch a lot of DIY Network.  Obvious, as we’ve bought a home that is the quintessential “Before” shot, and not-so-obvious, as we have widely different tastes in programming and this is the only compromise that allows us to […]

Holes in Story Detected, Proceed to Hall of Records

Brooke here: In between the renovations, I’ve been keeping a notebook of the various sundries that have popped up in conversation regarding the house.  The inconsistencies are pretty glaring, especially when they show up in writing; I mentioned a while back how everyone swears up and down the Jarrells had this house custom-built, but that […]